Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dior 912 Ebony

After I finished one midterm today so I decided to give myself a break, which is to change my mani:3
I have been wearing OPI Louver me Louver me not for 5 days!!It made me bored even by just looking at my nails and I started to have tip wear!!

Dior Ebony & Camel from Mitzah Collection:3
After reading Peach's blog, I know I have to get this one!!

My boyfriend loves me wearing black nail polish@.@I really don't know why..but he said he likes black every time I asked him to choose a color to be my mani.  Haha recently I found out he also likes pink and purple!! Needless to say...Black is still his favourite, so after I got addicted to nail polishes, my collections are full of different kinds of dark blue, dark purple, dark brown, dark grey and dark red etc.  I bought so many dark colors because I don't really like black on me...and hoping he may like them becuase they are dark like black

This is like a charcoal grey:3 Charcoal is a color I like for coats and jackets:]
This is two coat with Seche Vite top coat!
This first coat was sooo terrible!!!that I almost thought I got a defective bottle*^*
After the second...It got better but it was still so hard to get to the cuticle.
I like this color:3 It makes my skin color more even and pale:3


  1. I'm sure my BF would say this is black too. I don't like plain black either, but love vampy colors. I forgot to ask what you are studying :P

  2. Im studying Sociology in University of Toronto=3 Im a visa student from Hong Kong=]He didnt seem to notice this is a charcoal not a black but I think he likes it:3

  3. Dark, vampy colors are my favorite! Ebony looks great on your nails and it really does make hands look good! I like that it's dark, but not so much that it's black.

    That's cool that you're originally from Hong Kong. I lived there for 4 years when I was little!

  4. Thank you peach for always dropping by:3 were u studying in the US or Canada or some other eng speaking countries? cuz ur Eng is sooo good :3!

    Did you learn any cantonese :p? :3

  5. My SO would definitely call this black, but he's not the best for seeing subtle differences in color. LOL! It looks fantastic on you!

  6. haha thats y they think we have so many same colors in our collection :P haha
    thank you :3