Monday, January 23, 2012

*w* MORE!!!~~~

from L to R : *used once|*baguette me not $3
*Brand New*Skull & glossbones $4
*Brand New* suzi skis in the pyreness $4
*used once* French quarter for your thought
*Brand New* JULEP Catherine $5 Gayle $5
*used once* Relvon Copperglaze $1

*used once*Meet me on starferry $3
"used once*suede We will always have Paris $4
*Brand New* Ch G Electra magenta $3
*used once* Milani cyberspace $2 , Hi res $2
*Brand New*DL small :3 Dancing in the Dark $7
*Brand New*Just Dance $7
*Brand New*DL regular Forget you $11
*used once*LMBT Heat of the night $3

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