Sunday, March 11, 2012

Everything's Rosy Nail art :3

I have been very busy doing my papers :( so I didn't get the time to update my blog.
Here is my nail art using Orly Everything's Rosy & OPI Alpine Snow ! I also did a base using OPI Bubble Bath. It did make my nail base color look nicer but I found that these sheer pale pinks....take forever to dry T^T
right hand...*

left hand...*

From now on, I try to wear same mani for at least 5 days before changing to new color > &lt's; because I want to grow my nails like I could easily do it 2 years ago! Nail polish removers really damage and worsen my nails overtime :[ especially to my right hand index finger :'[

Nails in action :3

Thank you for reading :>


  1. I just broke the index nail on my right hand too. It's so thin:( I had to cut all my nails. Yours are still pretty long. This mani is very pretty!

  2. ooo>//<
    This is the 4th day of wearing T^T I couldnt stand it and cut them off on the 5 th day.
    Thank you:3