Saturday, April 7, 2012

China Glaze Sea Spray

The color that I am going to show you is China Glaze Sea Spray, which is from my secret date:3
Sorry I didnt take a pic with the bottle! :< 
I don't know how to describe this color, it looks like a dusty light blue to me but sometimes it looks like a grey with a little bit of blue.
The application of this one is perfect, I have no complain :) Here is 2 coats of China Glaze Sea Spray & 1 coat of Essie Pure Pearlfection.
I remember I saw a pic online that someone topped it with 1 coat of China Glaze White Cap. I really like how it looks! I just ordered my bottle of White Cap on ebay.
:3 It should arrive anytime Yay!

in action picture :>


  1. I was just looking at this polish in the store today! My friend said she had it as well and really liked it, hrmmmm. Will have to make sure I don't have anything in my collection that matches it and then I might just have to see about adding it. Sally's has a buy 2 get 1 free right now and it's just so tempting. I've already made 2 trips. -_- I swear, I don't need anymore NP but I can't stop@!!!!

    Looks so pretty and soft on you too. :) You have the perfect hands for polish.

  2. love it! i skipped out on this polish but i wish i hadn't, it seems really versatile :D

  3. Thank you Apple:)
    aww Buy 2 get 1 free is really good deal! :p I made 2 trips to my local salon in the same day too!!haha

  4. Pretty polish, hands, bag! <3
    I think that this polish and DL Glitter In The Air/Revlon Whimsical will be kind of the greatest combo ever! ;)

    1. Thanks:)
      Next time I am going to use it as a base color for DL GITA!!