Thursday, December 1, 2011

Essie 892 Cocktail Bling

I have been wearing Essie Cocktail Bling for 2 days now! I wanted to take it off today and change another mani haha just to celebrate my first exam for this term is done!But I am really tired right now=[ I will change it tomorrow! hehee it is pretty exciting!That way I have something to look forward tomorrow!!and I think =< some nail polishes that I ordered online and the ones that I got on a blog sale should arrive tomorrow?I hope they will cuz I really need some polishes to cheer me up=[ ......I am so sad because of my bf these days...and the exams....sooo tiring...!

I got this from my secret new year date, which is Alice Blue !!:3 She is really sweet and I really enjoyed everything she picked for me and the box, wrapping & Choco!!The name of this one is Cocktail Bling and its also the name of the Essie 2011 Winter Collection:3 I am so happy to own this! I wanted to get this but I also wanted to wait for the Buy 1 get 1 half off I can get it with the Bangle Jangle haha :) 
Does anyone know where can I get Essie for a cheaper? If I get these from TradeSecret is CAD$8.95.
I really like how Essie nail polishes will never look too thick even with 2-3 coats on.
This is 2 coats :3 It is actually more grey than purple in real life.

The application is like a dream!!sooo smooth!

I think I am soooo tired...or say I am sooo exhausted ...but I don't want to sleep:< Don't want my "after exam night" to finish...Tomorrow, I am going to study for another exam...
This is a pic of the bottle haha! Is it the new look of Essie??or only for shopper drug mart ? I keep seeing the old packaging and new packaging of  Essie and even for the same colors!!I like the old look moew but I really like the little circle sticker on the top of the cap with the name of the nail polish on it!
Thank you for looking:) !!


  1. This is gorgeous and really looks great on you! It's on my wishlist also. I usually get my Essie's from because they have sales on them and you can get them for 4 $. I think they are having one right now. Congrats on your first exam! I have one more to go and I'm done for this quarter :)

  2. Thank youuu:3 and thank youu for the info too!!>//< i think the sale on essie is finishes:'(
    they are now $8 now..T^T but they sell Orly for cheaper price too!!grrr I just ordered 3 last night...double of the price:'(
    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mihaela!!

  3. Thank you! So sorry the sale ended. I was on the site like two days ago and they were 4 $. But they have that pretty often so I'll keep an eye on the site and let you know if I see anything.

  4. This is such a gorgeous color! I think I have a pair of kicks that would kinda match it! Haha (: Have you checked I know they have a good price for china glazes and lots of polishes in general

  5. Beautiful color! Yet another one that I wish I could wear. Congrats on finishing your exam! It's definitely reason to celebrate. :D

  6. Mihaela:3
    Ooo OKOK,Thank youuu:)

    you should get one and match with ur shoes:3then I can see swatches from you blog:p
    ooI havent been to that website@@ Ohh :< I really dunno where to shop online!Thank youu I will check it out:p

    Thank youu!!:3hehee I am now thinking about what color I should wear xD

  7. I really love this color. How is the application for essie polishes? I haven't tried them yet, because they are so expensive, but if the application is good I might pick up a couple bottles next time I see them on sale.

  8. The application is really good!!Very smooth,dry fast and the finish is very shiny=]but Essie'brushes are thinner than OPI pro-wide brush =)