Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OPI Excuse Moi!

Here are the OPI My address is "Hollywood" from Touring America Collection and OPI Excuse Moi! from Muppet Collection.=]
I have to say ..if I can only get one from Muppet Collection, it would be Excuse Moi!!! and the second one would be Warm and Fozzie.

This is already my second time wearing OPI Excuse Moi, but I did not have time to update my blog So I will do it now :3 This is a very opaque glitter, it can be opaque in 2 coats. Or what I did was to layer one coat of Excuse Moi on a base color.I used OPI My address is "Hollywood". With a base color, one coat is all you need!Hopefully the removal will be less painful !!

I am still not sure if this color is too "red" on me, it looks different under different lightings. This glitter nail polish makes me happy just by looking at it:) There are bigger glitter: grreen, orange, pink, light blue, and silver glitter together with the smaller glitter@.@ small like powder! And they are also green, orange, light blue...etc. in color!

At last , I added 2 coats of Out the Door Top Coat, which I got from CAD$11!!WOW!!!after I ordered it and searching online...I found some other website selling this for only USD$3.5 ...:'< grrr..............I think this OTD top coat dries slower than SV but slightly faster than those regular clear top coat. The smell of OTD is much weaker than SV!!Good!!!the smell of SV really bothers me a lot!and its 3 Free so I guess I am willing to wait longer for it. However, OTD is a very thin top coat!You may need 2 coats if you are looking for shiny shiny finish 

When I woke up today I was looking at the delighting glitter on my nails!!@.@and!! The light hit on my nails and its soooo shiny that I have to close my I need back up of this one :p 


  1. This is such a pretty combo! It looks great on you (:
    Ahhh I hate it when I get something only to find it cheaper elsewhere. I've learned my lesson though, so now I'm a lot better at comparison shopping :P

  2. The glitter looks great on you! So sorry you've payed that much for OTD. One of the reasons I got it was the low price. You only need two coats for glitters. One coat is enough for non-glitter polishes.

  3. Really great combination, I love how this looks

  4. Sneakerette :)Thank youu:3I like this glitter soo much>//< I just got a back up today!!:p

    I just keep telling myself!It smells better than SV so it worth the price T^T

    Thank youu:3 I like this glitter soo much!!I need to try it over another lighter pink :p