Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anna Sui 307

This is Anna Sui 307.  I got it from Sears long time ago.  It was retailed for $15(which is a $1 increase from before) I have worn this for many times and LOVE it!
awww the bottle is soooo pretty:3love love love...*
Anna Sui is a sheer color,pink shimmer with a little bit small sliver and pink glitter. It needs 3 coats to opaque and sometimes even 4!Before I own OPI Hawaiian Orchid, I used to just wear 3 coats....How stupid was I!?

Now I wear 1 coat of OPI HO and then 1 coat of this pretty Anna Sui 307!YES!!It only needed one coat and even no top coat :3 OPI HO is the perfect base for Anna Sui 307 >w< I am so glad I tried OPI HO with it!Oooh and I forgot to say~Anna Sui nail polish all rose scented *w* I like rose smell!!

I like this nail polish sooo much :p I have never cherish a nail polish like this one before:3


  1. Lovely combo! I want an Anna Sui nail polish.. the bottles are so pretty! :D

  2. thank you :3
    yessss im so in love with anna sui's packaging!!
    thank you for stopping by. :)

  3. This is such a lovely pink! It looks great on your nails - I wish I could pull off a colour like this!

  4. Thank you Adina :3 I think pink will look nice on you~~~you dun like pink on u?