Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OPI P14 Steady as she rose

This is OPI P14 Steady as she rose from opi Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!!It was for my wishlist and  was gifted by my SNYD Alice Blue:3(Thank you Adina xoxo) 

This is the lovely bottle <3
This is a pale pink with a hint of purple, or I should say this is a purple-ish pale pink. 
It is not like the pink out there that needs 3-4 coats to opaque , it only needed 2 thin coats!I was amazed by that because the first coat was streaky but the second coat even it out :3 I like the finish !
I couldnt believe I got two compliments today *w* awww Thank you so much again, Adina!!~
Then I got sooo excited and talked to my neighbour about the Secret New Years Date exchange with her :P

Its sooo shinny:3 But i added a top coat anyway :p 
eww my hand in the cold...the top coat didnt shrink the lovely nail color ..but the cold weather "shrink" my skin...my poor hand...my bad...I lost my gloves :< 

This was my CH G Grape Juice mani from few days ago :3 I took this before I removed it...*
Thank you for looking :)


  1. It looks lovely on you! I wish pastels would look good on me. Stay warm! :D

  2. It looks awesome - I'm jealous, 'cause pastels don't look that great on me either. This is such a pretty colour on you!! I'm glad I was able to grab that last bottle!!

  3. Looks great on you! So classy and elegant. And the Grape Juice mani rocks!