Saturday, November 19, 2011

China Glaze 717 Grape juice

This is one of the nail polishes I got from my New Year Date event!! Thank you soo much Alice Blue^0^This beautiful nail polish id China Glaze 717 Grape Juice!!
I was wearing OPI Excuse Moi (I will do a review later) 
This is two coats:3

I like this color soo much:3 Purple & shimmer is my favourite!!:)
Thank you Alice Blue!!~~You really know what colors I like well>:3

The New Year Date parcel I received today really did make my day!!and I am sure I will be so happy and smile every time I use the nail polishes you sent me, AliceBlue:3
one more pic of after one night of wearing:


  1. This purple looks so pretty on you! It seems a bit more purple on you than in the bottle, the bottle makes it seem more blue. What's btw?

  2. Thank you :)
    oo This is the blog of the girl who has pretty nails like urs!!u should go there and have a look!!to me~~the two of u have very very very similar nails :p

  3. Thanks sweetie - glad you liked it! You had mentioned purples in your list of likes, and this one was so pretty. I love China Glaze!

  4. omg i looked at her blog, and i think her nails are waaaay nicer than mine! soo perfect! O___O