Friday, February 7, 2014

Essie 828 Under Where? + OPI SR E96 More Than Glimmer

This is Essie Under Where? This is the kind of color I will never get bored of !! I have many of this kind of pink/purple in my collection! I got this nail color when I was on vacation in Hong Kong haha !! I just couldn't wait until I came back to Canada! =p

All of the pictures showing are quite accurate to the color in real life. Under the indoor lighting you most likely get the color like the 3rd, 4th, 5th picture.

The texture is very smooth! Just like other Essie's. This one is even easier to work with, Its a pink cream. If you are careful, one coat is all you need :3 I did two =,=" Yes..I am clumsy X.X

Two coats with no top coat:


And then I layered OPI SR E96 More Than Glimmer on my middle (2 coats) & ring finger (1 coat). The OPI More Than Glimmer gives a matte finish , you may want to add a top coat of you want a consistent look but it looks pretty cool with matte finish too!

Middle finger - with top coat
ring finger- no top coat

*v* It reminds me of Easter chocolate eggs!
Thank you for reading :3