Sunday, February 9, 2014

OPI E75 Can't Find My Czechbook + OOTD

This is OPI E75 Can't Find My Czechbook. I have to say this is my absolute favourite shade of blue!! I am a sucker for light purple and this kind of blue nail color kekee >;3 

Unlike OPI Whats With the  Cattitude? The formula of this one is very easy to work with, very smooth and one coat is all you need! Out my of habit, I did two coats anyway :3 with no topcoat!

The first picture is most accurate to the color in real life!

>//< I love this color!! I dont care if its winter or not! I have this color on my nails right now! Rawr!

I personally love this kind of lighting, I love this dusty light blue effect!

My love for this kind of light blue :3 Scroll down and you know what I mean hahaa :3

sorry for the weird black framing X,X I took these pics a while back ..I had to go through tons of pics to find it on my phone.
With my 2012 Blue Indigo RH City & blue moccasins :p
This is my first time posting pics of my face (well...half of my face :p) ..(blushing)

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