Saturday, March 31, 2012

OPI Save me

Its almost the end of a semester again and I am very busy writing papers T^T so I am only posting about manis that I didn't get the time to post.

Here are what I got from the Nicki Minaj Collection !! I was most excited about OPI metallic 4 life & Pink Friday !!but then I think Save me is a very unique glitter so I decided to get one too!!
I am still thinking of I should get Pink Friday or not =~=

OPI metallic 4 life & Save me
Just by looking at the bottle, I feel so :D !!! hahaha
I used 3 coats and I was not so happy with the result ..still so many bold spots :[
You may not notice in the pic I show here but in real life...I am a bit disappointed ! I think it show too much silver.

I really hope this one will look good on me :< but I does not !
I heard form TPF-nail care that you can wear it over blue or black then it will show less silver.
I will have to see how it works!

:[ too much silver !

hmm..Should I get Pink Friday !?Will it give me lobster hand?@^@


  1. I really like how it looks on you! You should layer it to see if you like it better.

  2. Thank you Mihaela:) I am thinking..hmm..maybe layer it over light blue :p

  3. I love the entire Nicki Minaj collection, esp Save Me! So Unique. Looks beautiful here. :)

  4. Thanks:) I am deciding if I should get pink friday or fly !!:p