Sunday, December 15, 2013

My first ever Gel Nails! (October 2012)

This nail set was the first time I ever went to a Nail Salon and got my nails done in my life. My boyfriend convinced me to go try it once since I always wanted to try it out. After reading many reviews about local Nail Salons, I ended up choosing one call Luv'In Nails (Splendid China Tower). I was super nervous when I got there because the Salon was so tiny and crowded with customers and very Hot :< ! I don't remember how I decided to choose this design but it turned out to be ok and I really Loved it (ontop of being my first time :3). Given my first time, it was a learning experience for me as although the end result looks great, there are some flaws to it. However, before I get into that, take a look at the photos :3

Very match with IPhone Case at the time :3

Okay, onto the flaws. I would like to note that the flaws are due entirely to the fact that my technician rushed the process as this took only 30 minutes to complete. Beginning with the nail shape, it is not nice nor consistent with one another as you can see in the nail tips. Also, the rhinestones are set in place by 'curing' a top coat of gel on in instead of being individually "glued". Curing another gel coat on top made the rhinestones lessen the 'shine and sparkle' effect, which I noticed is a big difference compared to being glued. As you will see in my future posts, I learned from this experience and didn't make the same mistakes by specifically stating to the technician how I wanted the design to be done. Anyhow, I'll leave this one here as that is about it with the flaw. Thank you for reading. Additional photos and information below. :3


2 weeks old :3

3 weeks old :3
 I know what your thinking. Where are my left hand photos :3 I actually don't have anymore photos of my left hand :3

*~Had this on my nails for 1 month, everything still intact. ~*

Topic: Gel Nails Review
Salon: Luv'In Nails
Nail Tech: Nikki, also the owner of the store
Cost: CAD $45
4675 Steeles Avenue East
Unit 1D1, 1D3,
Toronto, ON M1V 4S5

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