Friday, December 13, 2013

Third set of gel nails I did in Hong Kong - Mong Kok West

 A review of Hong Kong Gel Nails
This set is from a store that offered a "$300HKD  Any design" (around $40 CAD) package.  I forgot the name of the store, but its located in Kowloon, Mong Kok West.

Here is the set I got from there.

I really liked how it turned out but I was worried at first that it wasn't going to turn out well. The nail technician took a total 40 minutes to complete this from start to finish. Compared to my previous two gel nails in Hong Kong, they each took about 3 Hours each, both times.

 the true color
The nail technician was very rushed and she kept chatting with one of her friends the whole time. During the process of removing my previous gel nails, she was very rough with the drill and thinned my natural nail :(

Compared to my previous gel nails, they were very experienced and slowly removed the previous gel nail with care. However, the outcome was okay and I liked it despite the scare at first.
 After 2.5 weeks...*
I quite like the design as I love blue very much haha ..but :<after a few weeks... I started to feel discomfort at the edges of the new grown nails, especially my thumbs :/ However, I do like how they put on thick layers of base.

*~Had this on my nails for 1 month, everything still intact. ~*

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