Thursday, December 12, 2013

Second set of gel nails I did in Hong Kong - Rainbows Nail

 A review of Hong Kong Gel Nails
This is the second set of gel nails I did when I was in Hong Kong. I did it at the same store I went for my first one which you can see here :3 I actually really like how they put on a thicker layer of clear gel base. I noticed that HK has a larger variety of colors especially the pinks and the blues.
Click to Enlarge :3

This design was actually an inspiration from the Little Twin Stars :3

They charged me around $35 HKD (around $5 CAD) for each nail art drawing.
The rhinestones and the little gold ring are around $1-2 HKD each. extra two colors (the light blue & pink) are $10HKD ($1.5 CAD) each. Plus the base price, this set cost me around $450 ($60 CAD).

the nail tech took this pic for me :)
more pictues...*
few days old
:p even older ...*
1.5week old
 Stay tuned for two more future posts about my gel nails I did in Hong Kong!
Thank you for reading :3 !!

*~Had this on my nails for 1 month, everything still intact. ~*

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