Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Perfume Haul from Lisa's Cosmetics Sale :3

Hi guys :3 I am so excited to start my first post after I am away for so long! Lets start with showing you some perfume haul from Lisa's Cosmetics Sale!! It was worth it to lining up standing in the cold for 1.5 hours!! The discount is huge ! Especially if you can find tester version of the ones you like :)!!

The first one I have to show you is this 100ml Juicy Couture perfume! I used to have one but gifted it to a friend who went back to Japan after her graduation.I looove this scent when I was in high school !! I bought mine at the original price before (hammer) :<
Now I got this tester version for $39 !! for this big bottle it was such a steal *v* 
I am happy to have you back in my perfume collection:3!!

The second one is the Omnia Amethyste by Bvlgari. I like to shop at Sephora haha because I can sniff the perfumes and the sales don't usually come and ask if I need any help lol They just assume that I am just sniffing not buying hahaha Its ok I feel more free and take my time trying out the perfumes. Before I work my part time, I dont buy perfumes ofte.n ( I still dont haha) This was one the ones that I like but when I finally decided to get a new perfume for myself , I always skip this...I dont know why maybe I am not too crazy about this one but now at $39 !? and it is $95 in Sephora!??? I am definitely getting it lol

This is not a "loud" perfume but the iris, powdery and woody scent make it very feminine, elegant and classic. When people heard the word powdery, they may think it has a "grandma scent" but this one does not! :3 its sheer and soft enough to make it feminine and elegant  but strong enough to last a whole day. I am quite surprised by its lasting power! its impressing for a toilette :3

the bottle looks not too small but actually...
only this bottom circle part contains perfume
The third one is the Body eau de toilette by Burberry $35. This perfume came out in July 2012. I am amazed to see it in Lisa's :3 Yay!! The perfume version causes a few dollars more but it gives me a headach just like the other burberry perfumes =( I am happy that they made a toilette version! just like the Chloe perfume. I bought the eau de parfume but I had to sell it and bought the eau de toilette.
and then I got this set as a Christmas present for my boyfriend's brother haha :3
Its .......$30!!!!!! such a good deal !! and the cover of the box has the suede texture *v*
oh I love touching it ;3
 and then this last one is Gucci Guilty which is for my boyfriend, Its $65 at Lisa and $95 at Sephora!

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