Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fourth set of gel nails I did in Hong Kong - Mong Kok Ginza Plaza

A review of Hong Kong Gel Nails
This set was my last set of gel nails I did in Hong Kong during my 2013 summer vacation. It is also my favorite one out of the four sets, and it was also the cheapest one :3 even though it should have been the most expensive. It was very cheap to get this done because the store offered a trial where you could do any design for HKD $298 (approx. CAD $40) first time and HKD 378 (Approx. CAD $50) every other time. I actually wanted to get my nails done at this store earlier on in my trip but they were always fully booked, everyday of the week, every month.

If I was to get this design done in Canada at my nail salon I frequent, it would cost at least CAD $100, but I got this for HKD $298 (Approx. $40 CAD). I was very pleased with the service as the nail technician took 4 hours to complete this from removal to refill and sculpture.The technician never rushed anything and all the colors of the flowers and the base were custom made.

The sculpture flowers were very vivid and detailed. The technician also hand-drew all the flowers and lace in the nail art. The individual glitter look-alike were also placed individually one at a time which shows how much effort and dedication she put into creating this nail art.

The flower surrounded by the beads is supposed to represent a "Diamond Glaze"
to represent a Pressed Dried Flower Pendant.
The Ribbon under the Flower Pendant was also sculptured by the technician.

The Nail Art reminded me of the Victorian Era Flower Patterns
found on dresses.
Photo Credit: Here

Holding on of my favorite cream (and cream brands :3)

 I only think I disliked about this store was that instead of rubbing the alcohol on my nails with a cotton pad, they sprayed it directly on my nails. She sprayed it once every time after curing (under UV light) on each finger, about 50-60 times during the process.

Additional Photos:

Afternoon Tea :3

Outside at Night lol

3 Weeks Old :( (back in Canada)
*~Had this on my nails for 1 month, everything still intact. ~*

Out of the four sets, which one was your favorite? :)
Thank you for reading!

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