Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gel Nails I did on vacation in Hong Kong - Rainbows Nail

A review of Hong Kong Gel Nails
I spent my last summer in Hong Kong for vacation and I stayed there for almost three months=) I heard getting gel nails done in Hong Kong is cheaper than getting it in Canada so how could I miss the chance ;P I did some research and I wanted to make sure that it is reliable because I am getting hard gel nails and the process of removing it can make your nails weaker and thinner if the nail technician is not experienced.

This set cost me around $360HKD so its around $50 CAD.

I am doing a post on this gel nail because I really like the 3D flower sculptures they did! The store I usually go to in Canada only does one color 3D sculptures on nails. I hope they offer different colors or overlapping in the future!!

If you are interested to know where is this place in Hong Kong , welcome to leave me a comment!!

Here are pictures :3 !!

really like the overlapping flowers!

Haha :)

Hope you guys enjoying this post :)

*~Had this on my nails for 1 month, everything still intact. ~*


  1. Gorgeous! They remind me of spring. And I can't believe it lasts so long! I can barely get my nail polish to stay on for more than a week!

    May from La Vie En May

    1. Thank you :3
      I cant get my nail polish to stay on my nails for a week too!! but I tend to change my nail color every 1-2 days now :p
      Gel lasts more than a month ! you can try gel nail :3 I like how it has a thicker finish too !