Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chanel 307 Orange Fizz (gifted by my sister)

My sister went back to Hong Kong for her Co op work term in August so I grabbed the the chance and ask her to help me get some Chanel nail polishes because they are selling for around $5CAD cheaper in Hong Kong.She kept telling me thats he spotted so many girls wearing orange in Hong Kong so I decided to give it a try!And trying my first orange nail polish.I planned to get Morning Rose because I Have been searching for it for 2 months...and I still couldnt find any places that still have it. No luck..even Morning Rose was sold out in Hong Kong( at least the fews of them that my sister and two of my friends went to).

She kindly offered to gift me this :3
This color is soooo cute!It reminds me of salmon sashimi :3

Something sad happened to me=[ so I want to change my nail color to something delightful!but I have no mood for bright red,dark red or even pink. Purple, blue and grey first came up to mind but they are all in the cool color family and its = even more sad? so No...I cant do those 3....then how about the orange!>:]

This is 2 coats with no top coat.

This one is surprisingly easy to work with!However!Its sooo bright in real life...I don't really like this on me=I am thinking maybe use a white as a base color then apply one coat of Orange Fizz on top?I am still on the hunt for a white nail polish that is not too sheer and runny.
Any recommendations? @~@
Thanks for looking :3

and this is after one day of wear


  1. LOL salmon sashimi! I like your description. I agree, it's super bright!

  2. yes..too brightT^T.. I dun like it on me =< I like it in the bottle tho...

  3. There's no such thing as too bright NP in my opinion ;). This color is so summery and fun. Would really lift my spirits on a gloomy October day. And you have such long, nice fingers. Mine are stubby and I hate to photograph my whole hand because of them.

  4. I like it in the bottle tho!!maybe oranges do not look good on me :< I am hoping Chanel June will be different!!> < :p