Friday, October 7, 2011

Dior 622 Camel

I am starting this blog again.
Hopefully I will have time to update new post about my nail color of the day(days) on a regular basis=]
I got this Dior Vernis 622 Camel from Mitzah Collection last Wednesday when I went to school at downtown Toronto. I went all the way from Robarts Library to the Sephora on Bloor just for this pretty milky nail polish that I have been eyeing for 2 weeks!!
Dior 622 Camel from Mitzah Collection for fall 2011

The box is so different from the regular navy box!!

This is two coats, with Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

This color is soo pretty!!I like this one very much and Im very impressed with the formula. I think the brush is very special...its easy to apply but I personally think the brush is a little bit too big. I have to say I like OPI's pro wide brush better but for this brush, it is so big that I do not have to re dip to get more polishes for each nail!I have always wanted to try a Dior nail polish but its a small bottle 10ml for $24CAD is a bit pricey! However..after going to tpf-nail care so often that I am now so into nail polish than any other things, such as Tiffany's, perfumes, clothes, bags, Swarovski's etcetc that I used to spend most of my money on so I get to use some of the money to spend on these beautiful colors!!Everytime I look at my nail polish collection I smile!!!Even just looking at the bottles and the colors in there make me soo happy :3
Thanks for looking :3


  1. Camel looks good on you! I think it's one of those shades you don't know will look good until you try it on. I know what you mean about smiling every time you look at the nail polish stash...that's money well spent! ;)

  2. :3heheee yesyes I adore my nail polish collection!!My mom likes this one very much and she said she wants to use this for her next mani!