Monday, November 28, 2011

My little black nail polish

Hello>:3 so here is my little black nail polsih :)  (Oh I am just calling it little,but it actually is a regular bottle)
I got this OPI Black Onyx because my bf likes black nails(Yes!!Pure Black he said)*n* (as all the price for OPI are the same,I would ratehr get a pink one) [a voice in my head saying this wakaka] I used to think buying a pure black nail polish is a waste of money and its not pretty and I still think that hahaa:p
I know I dont think its pretty on me but  I just hope it will look nice on me :< 


  1. Can't wait to see this on your nails! I've never worn plain black but I did a nail art once that had black as a base. I was actually surprised about how good it looked against my skin tone!

  2. Your Hello Kitty is so cute! I realized I don't own a black creme. I bet it'll look really cool on you, like shiny car paint! :D

  3. Mihaela:)
    I think I have only worn pure black twice@@I had an Essie pure black before(forgot the name of it :p)but the brush is very was a bit hard for me to control at that time. At that timeI was not that into nail polsihes I ,only had 2 hahaha:p Now other than the Essie, this OPI Black Onyx,I also have Deborah Lippmann Blck Romance, I think I like it less:< the removal of it was soo scared me off -v-"

    Thank you^^he gave me this so I just took a pic of them together >:3 ooo thanks:p I will try it soon maybe>//<

  4. LOL @ your strikethrough comment! :D
    You know what you should doooo? Layer glitters over it!!!! Blacks look REALLY cool with layers colored on top! The darkness of the color really brings out all the different colors in glitters =D I don't usually use black straight up, but I use it a lot for layering other polishes on top (:

  5. yea!!I would:3 I like how glitter looks on black too:> he said he just likes pure black...i think he likes pink and purple too~~those girly colors :p and he said he doesnt like those "loud" ones...but I like glitter nail polishes @.@ not all of them but I cant resist blue glitters :p

  6. How is the application of that one? I've never had any luck with black polishes. They are so hard to apply, and I've never found my holy grail black polish. I hear that sinful colors black on black is an excellent, inexpensive black polish. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say for sure, but everyone I know that has used it just raves about it. It's on my list.

  7. Hi Jessi:3
    Thank you for dropping by:)I havent tried it yet. >//< I actually dun really like pure black nail :< Im confident about OPI:P I had the Essie one(forgot the name) , application was horrible....!