Friday, November 25, 2011


I finally got my first Nicole By OPI!!The reason I started buying Nicole By OPI because I really think the bottles are cute@v@!!!so my aunt has some free Nicole By OPI but never let me try them:< I decided to treat myself someof those! and Nicole By OPI was on sale in Walmart!!!for 7.97, not too bad!:)
The application is very nice!!but of course the OPI pro-wide brush are the best! 
If I was careful enough, it only needed 1 coat to opaque. I applied so poorly on my right I still did 2 coats anyway on my both hands.
The color is not as bright as you see in the pics.I was so surprised that it actually even my skin tone! unlike OPI What's with the Cattitude that it made my hand look dirty and yellowish.

So, this is the comparison (upper one is "WWTC", lower in the pic is Nicole By OPI "BB")
OPI WWTC needed 3 coats to opaque but BB only needed 2 or even 1! so I like BB more. BB is darker but not like neon,which I love!!Neon looks bad on me!

Nicole By OPI "Baby Blue" is from the Justin  Bieber One less lonely Girl Collection..I swear to God I got this one was not because of Justin Bieber...-v-

I wanted to get Nicole By OPI Kim-pletely in Love sooooo badly :< but when I finally saw the kardashian Collection in Shoppers...T^T all of the Kim-pletely in Love were sold out!!!
:'( Nicole By OPI is retailed for CAD $10.99 in Shopper..which are more expensive than the original price selling in Walmart.Sigh....I tried Ebay...but the shipping is already half the price of the polish itself........:<

HAHA...Am I the only one thinking Nicole By OPI 's bottles are cute?:p


  1. That's a really gorgeous color on you! I'm not a huge fan of Nicole bottles because I like mine to be more symmetrical lol

  2. I love these kinds of blues. But I hate that they need like 3-4 coats to get opaque. You are like to have found this one!

  3. Sneakerette:)
    Thank youu:3haha I know wht u mean :P I thought they were weird when I first saw them..xD

    This one only needed 1 coat or 2 coats!!I was surprised !:)