Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Blue nail art :3

I was having my reading week and I did a French tip mani with baby blue and white dots:3 I also added some rhinestones,> < hoping to make it looks like the gel nails that people get at Salons...for $30-50 or even $ 70 ..T^T Of course I wish mine look like those..but ....see pics...
left hand...*

left hand...*

right hand :3
I may take it off tonight or tomorrow night> < not sure if I can do the same mani again haha so I will just post more pics =p hehee

  Basically, I just used a little bit of top coat and the baby blue nail polish on the tips to stick the rhinestones on, I did not use any nail glue. Then I used one top coat on top.  :3
I used Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue on the tips (Formula of this is AMAZING!, I only did 1 coat!!and OPI Airplane white for the dots.
These are what I used for this mani :>  This mani only cost me $ 4? or maybe less ^0^
I would love to try Gel nail :< the ones people get done at salons!!30-70 is quite expensive for me...and the removal is another $ 10....!
I think I may try it after I find job and have stable income but in the meantime, I will just do my "nail polish" nails at home haha :>

Thanks for reading :3 !!


  1. It's very cute! You have mad skillz ;)

  2. this is REALLY cute! you did a great job, it really looks like you got it done at a salon :D

    1. awww thank you >//<
      I having been wearing this for 3 days or 4 days now,I am taking it off tonight..!!its not comfortable to have some rhinestones on my nails T.T

  3. Wow this is really amazing and beautiful! I love it!

  4. Very cute! I don't like the feel of rhinestones on my nails but they look great on you!

  5. @Fingers: Thank you:3!!
    @Mihaela: Thank you:3!!I dont like the feel of rhinestones on my nails too!!I can stand it for 2 days..buut on the third day...I started to feel like I just cant wait to remove them!! :)