Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unhappy experience with Kiss&

First of all, I have to say I am not trying to attack anyone , any company....I am just reflecting an unhappy experience I recently had with Kiss and

I found Kiss & on this forum and have been buying from them for many times now...however, I am now truly disappointed by their customer services.

I received my item, however,inside the tube, the water and the product is separated. I thought after I squeezed the water out, it should be Ok for use....I had no way to get all the water out so I still applied it on my face anyway because that was early in the morning and my old one went out ....My face is red , swelling and irritated.I couldn't apply any make up, feeling painful even I just trying to wash it off so I went to see a doctor. I sent an email to them and tell them about the was on a Friday and they closed on Saturday.

They did not reply my email even after their store closed..I was so frustrated becasue they keep updating their facebook page but did not reply my email. And then I saw some people posted on their wall because Kiss & Make up did not reply to their emails regarding to missing ordered that they placed 1 month ago, so i posted on their wall. My post got deleted right away so I posted again. After a while....I went back to check and my 2nd post was removed I posted a third one...that happened I went to post a comment under one of their status so they cant remove it again. After a while, a random person attacked me saying I posted 20 times and expect a reply within one hour , and say mean things to me sarcastically and said

".....its a primer, not ur leg. im sure kiss & makeup will fix the issue as soon as they can. i have my own online store aswell, & its very irritating when they are customers like YOU who expect an answer within 1hr, & send you 20 messages....."

and then I replied her..I did not post 20 times and expect an answer within an hour.
Then she attacked me again saying I am the one trying to attack Kiss and Make up....and then I did not reply her because I did not want this kind of abusive conversation go on and on. I was just telling them what happened to the product I received and what happened to my face after using their product.

After a while, my post was removed,(which I replied that random person to clarify I did not post 20 times and expect a reply within 1 hour ) and her abusive, rude, mean posts were still there.

so then,I sent an email again, telling them I can send the product back if they send me a pre paid envelop , and what happened on the facebook page and I asked why did they deleted my posts but not the one who was attacking me.
They replied rudely and said my posts were not necessary and replied nothing regarding why they did not remove hers.I asked and they said they are only willing to resolve the issue of the product...not anything else. And they did not apologise or anything, not even a sorry.They blamed me for posting numerous posts on their walls when I did not mention anything about why not deleting the abusive posts on their page against me.
They agree to give me a refund after I request.I asked them again and they did not even bother to give me a reply......not even a reply confirming a refund has been issued by their company.
The next day ..I sent them an email to ask about the refund , no reply and they keep updating their facebook wall and they were still updating their FBpage.

I sent them an email again to ask about the refund.....then she replied rudely and said I did not need to send them numerous emails in one day, when I only sent two. Then I replied and said something like I do not feel like I am respected as a customer and I do not think they were handling the problem properly. They still would not remove the abusive posts against me. I reported to facebook to let them remove the posts for me and Kiss and Makeup was still not the one who remove it.

I have been recommended kiss and make up NY on this forum and to my relative and friends after my first purchase and did not plan to attack them of any I am truly disappointed of their customer service. They cannot take negative comments and reflection about what they did wrong, and do not understand a customer's frustration after using their defective product and having her face red, swelling , irritated and sore.

This is the defective product I received from ........


  1. That's awful! I'm sorry you were treated that way. If they had just replied and refunded you with an apology right away (as they should've), they could've avoided this drama and still potentially had a customer. I definitely wouldn't support a business that treats its customers poorly.

    1. Thank you Peach!I have been sad about this...Thank you for your support!!
      >< Have to focus on studying for my exam tmr!!and think about this thing later :)

  2. Okay, I didn't read this whole thing because I'm super duper tired right now, but I read bits and pieces of it and I have to say I am SOOOOO tired of crappy customer service. I have seen so many posts like this lately about A TON of different companies. If a company messes up, they should fix it. Customers are not meant to give you money just so you can send them a crappy product and then ignore them/be rude to them when they want you to fix it/give them a refund. Girl, if it was me I would have been ALL OVER THEM to get my money back and I don't think that's wrong at all.
    I mean it's understandable that mistakes happen and sometimes products aren't up to par but if the company can't own up to it and fix it - not a company I want to deal with.
    Sorry you had to deal with this but I'm glad you posted about it so other people know the experience you had with them!

    1. Thanks!!
      it also took them 5 days to give me the refund.....
      what I can say it...their customer service is really really bad!