Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essie To buy or not to buy

The lilac on the left is Essie To Buy or not to Buy, the one on the left is Pure Pealfection from Luxeffect Collection. So I was at my local mall browsing the new OPI Holland Collection!! VaVa has Buy 1 get 2nd 50% all the time!!and good news is I can mix and match between OPI, Essie & China Glaze!! (They have a relatively smaller collection of China Glaze).
I have been lemming OPI metallic 4 Life and someone said he could hold it for me and give me a discount at $7 CAD. He contacted me again and said he would only sell it to me when I purchase the whole OPI Nicki Minaj Collection.................
Finally, I got these from a Salon in my local mall.

Essie To buy or not to Buy, OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!, I don't give a rotterdam!, Metallic 4 Life
I planned to get 4 OPIs but I got attracted by this lilac :3!!!I am a sucker for pink and purple!My nail polish collection is full of these two colors =p

Just by looking at the bottle, you can see some purple, blue and pink shimmer!!Its really pretty!!!However, when its on your nails :( the shimmer will just disappear....barely noticeable! What I did was to add a coat if Essie Pure Pealfection :3 I like the result! It will show a little bit of pink, purple and blue shimmer:3

I like this color very much :) However!
:< It makes my hands look a little bit more yellowish...and formula is very streaky. 2-3 coats are needed to opaque.

Overall, I still love this color! This is perfect for Spring!!! After seeing dark green, dark red, dark purple around for soo long, I really need some lighter colors like this !!
I especially love this color because my bf gave me a bunch lilac & pink roses for this Valentine's day :3


  1. ahh your nails are so pretty! omg you're so lucky you have promos on opi. those are so rare over here, which is why i hardly purchase opi unless i REALLY want it or its on sale!

    1. Thankyou:3 I love your nails more>//<!!
      I paid $33.xx for those 4..still quite expensive for me!I just hope OPI wont launch their collections soooo frequently!!I love OPI *^* speaking of formula..I think they are the best..When a new collection is out, I just feel like I have to at least get one or I would feel like I am missing out something!

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  3. You have such beautiful nails!!! Oh and those roses... so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much, Red!! :3Thx for following my blog too>w<

  4. I love these lilac shades on your nails. They are perfect for your delicate hands and beautiful nails. I really wish my nails were shaped like yours!

  5. Thank you Mihaela:3 Your nails look pretty!!!