Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Glitter Gal Frappe

When I first received it yesterday, I was thinking"wow...so small...only 9ml...and I paid $14 for it ...and all together with another Glitter gal and one A England is $40 in total!!So expensive...However*0* I tried it on one nail tonight and instantly fell in love with it =3 hehee

It is a bit sheer for the first coat but after the second coat,  it will be opaque. And one more thing, the application was very smooth as well!

I used 2 thick coats :3 and It dried fast!!!
But "the rainbow effect "is not showing much in this photo :<

You can see more of the holo effect on this photo below :3 When the nail polish is still half dried I added some rhinestones-v-"I was trying to make a "moon shape" near the cuticles...but I ended doing this because it was easier haha :3
I did the same pattern on my thumb too! =3. On my right hand, I just did it on my ring finger :3 
Then I added 1 coat of Out the Door top coat *0* and I was so impressed it dried super fast!hmm however..it kinda made the rhinestones look matte!!

I can see myself buying more in the future =p !! 

Thanks for reading :3 !!


  1. Omgg what a pretty holographic!!!! I've been wanting to try Glitter Gals, but I can't decide on a color to get >___<

  2. I was like that too >//<There was free shipping on Black friday or sth@.@ so I decided to get some!!=p but then I limited myself to only get 3 holo from llarowe!!I wanted to get the light blue & light purple glitter gal too...maybe next time..(not anytime soon tho hahaa)

  3. This looks so pretty and the rhinestones are a nice touch! What a-england did you get? I would like to get some but they're so expensive.

  4. Ahh it's so pretty and very you! Love the added bling!

  5. Mihaela:)
    I got a england tristam:3havent tried it yet.yess!!I think they are soo expensive too...$14 for a very small bottle...they are as tall as the Le Metier De Beaute bottle!

    Thank you!!!My silver rhinestones are running out!I have to see if I can find some in HK=]

  6. Love Glitter Gal ... I'm still waiting on my order, boo hoo!! I ordered the black holo and Lizard Belly. Now I'm thinking I should get the pink, and maybe the red too ;)

    By the way, I saw you're putting up a blog sale ... I can't wait to see!!!

  7. haha=p actually I havent really thought of what should I put there to sell@v@I was trying to make that "bar" not so empty:3

    I like this pink holo soo much!!It doesnt look that pale under the light!and even under indoor lighting it really sparkles a lot!I only swatched the glitter gal Copper on a paper, hmmm I am not sure if I will like it on me, I got Copper all because I read its holo effect is very strong but I think Frappe's is strong enough so I may not need copper as I am not so crazy about color. hahahaha Copper maybe on the Blog Sale LOL

  8. If that's the case, I'm gonna have to snap that one up right away!!! Can't wait to see more swatches :)

  9. This is so pretty! Just found your blog! Am a new follower!

  10. Thank you heheee^^Thank you for following my blog too :3!!!

  11. I love this! It makes your hands look so pretty!

  12. Hi Msodapop^^
    Welcome to my blog =p
    Thank youu:3 *gone to check out ur blog:p*