Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nerd Lacquer-Pinin' For The Fjords

This is one of the color that I chose for the 4 minis:3 This one is Pinin' For The Fjords!!This one is going to be my favorite!!!I think this kind of glitter is just like Anna Sui's !!If I can only own 1 nail polish in my whole life then it would be Anna Sui (heart bottle)# 239!!but now the heart bottles are all discontinued =[ and I only have half a bottle at home and it dried out...!!I know I can use SV restore or thinner to thin it out but I kind of  just wanna save it for my wedding or something to use it hahaha!! 

I am just using my cell phone to take pics ( all the pics on this blog , actually)cant really capture the beauty of the polishes, so I highly recommend you to click on the pics!!=]
If this one is in a light silver-purple base then it would be like 99% similar to the Anna Sui # 239 I have been talking about :)

I only need 2 coats but on some fingers I only used one coat!!This is a very opaque glitter!!Very Nice!!However, I needed 2 coats of topcoat, I used 1 SV and 1 OTD.

This is a 5ml bottle, I think I only used 1/5 !so you will have no problem  getting 5 mani from one 5ml bottle:)

This nail polish is just soooo amazing! a grey-ish light blue base with lilac, light blue and a bit silver glitter !!!I can find all my favorite colors in here:3 I know I am going to order a full size of this!!but I have to wait until I am back from Hong Kong!!=[ and that would be Jan 10 2012! haha I think I will try to order it when I am in HK so I do not have to wait for so long for it to be shipped to my house :p
You can order Amanda Collier's Nerd Lacquer HERE!!


  1. You know that if I could, I would get all the blue polishes to ever exist. But because I can't have them all, I must settle for some of them and this one would definitely make it on the list. I think your pictures do a great job capturing the glitter. And your nails are lovely as usual!

  2. Wow, that is GORGEOUS on you! I really love the concept behind these polishes.

  3. Mihaela:)
    thank you:3 hehee I have a great passion to blue too!!I am looking for the perfect navy!!I think my nail polish collection are mostly purple, blue and pink :p haha

    Thank you!!I really adore the Nerd Lacquers i got!!especially when they are handmade:p and the minis are soo small.I am wishing she will make a pink base with pink, purple, light pink etc glitters >//<

  4. Such a pretty combo on youu!
    Aww those Anna Sui bottles sound cute!

  5. Sneakerette:)
    Thank you:3 I love Anna Sui nail polishes >w<