Sunday, December 4, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute- Heat of the Night

I got this set from a blog Sale :3 These 4 minis come in a set of 4!
I didn't expect to like the brushes of these minis*w* wow the application is sooo smooth and I only did 1 coat! I would describe Heat of the Night as a  brown with very dense red hidden shimmer.

The shimmer gives some depth to the nail polishes and it turned out great.I really like the look:)
I didn't have to do a lot of clean up! It dries relatively fast.

haha I got this set because of the bottles:3 They are soo cutee!!!and I have no way to get these in Canada. I am glad I did :)


  1. omg these bottles are so frikkin cute! whoaa only one coat? this would make a good stamping polish!

  2. I need to find one of these blog sales, LOL! Such a great find!!

  3. That is so pretty on you! I wanna try LMdB!!