Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mini Haul: NerdLacquer from By String Theory

My first order from Nerd Lacquer finally came today morning :3 I put my Zoya Barbie (this is my second zoya!!I am loving ZOYA sooo much!!hmm but I notice they dry slower then other nail polishes :<)here , so you have the idea of the size of the minis :p This Nerd Lacquer mini quad is USD$12.00 + 3.5 shipping:) Not too bad!!Its always great to try out a new brand with minis, not need to get a full size! :3
ohhh and Amanda(the seller) sent me a little toy!

From the left to right:3 All of Time and Space, Outed by a Probot, Pinin' for the Fjords,and Cold & Calculating :3

I haven't tried it on me yet but I swatched them on a paper! I can already tell you I LOVE "Pinin' for the Fjords" , " Outed by a Probot" & "Cold & Calculating"^0^
Im not sure about the light green> < cuz I dun usually love green :p but I would love to try :p

One more pic of these cutie polishes


  1. Love your colour picks from NerLacquer - I was eyeing a few of these myself, but then talked myself out of buying them... I've been on a buying binge lately, and I need to stop. Well, for a little bit, anyway :)

  2. :3hehee
    me too!!I have to stop buying nail polishes!!>//<I have to save some $ for me to use in HK....or I can only go window shopping!!:)